*****  (5 Stars)
From Deep Grief to Deep Peace, the Journey and Tools
By Tinfoot TOP 500 REVIEWER on June 14, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
The question of reincarnation is still on the shelf for me. I can neither say "yea" nor "nay" but simply "God is righteousness and mysterious, and there is nothing too marvelous for Him." I must admit, however, that as a cat owner, this very idea of a past pet coming again in a new vessel has indeed rolled around my mind as I watch Xiao Xiao sleep all akimbo exactly as Mao did (a very dear teddy bear of a cat, who had passed some time before and is my Profile Avatar) as well as many other striking characteristics- to the point that I once entertained the notion that Xiao Xiao was somehow the direct progeny of Mao (although sheer distances make that impossible).

Gail Graham interweaves her personal, touching story of earth shaking loss of a most beloved companion, the emotional aftermath, and an earnest journey of spiritual healing with meaningful, medative exercises that may help fellow grieving sufferers. I practice various forms of meditation, and Graham's 8-week program uses real techniques encouched within a moving narrative of her own experiences, surely a guiding help and affirmation for those new to meditation's/visualization's healing benefits.

Perhaps I am one step closer than Jennie, the stalwart skeptic yet encouraging friend, as I neither disbelieve nor believe implicitly in reincarnation, yet I am indeed fully confident that Graham's seeking was rewarded with joy and peace. For those of you also seeking, WILL YOUR DOG REINCARNATE? may hold the guideposts you need to arrive at that same destination.