.Reincarnation:  Your Questions Answered 


Do all dogs reincarnate?

  • Yes, all dogs reincarnate.  However, all dogs don't necessarily return to their former owners. Whether or not your dog will reincarnate and come back to you depends upon the strength of the karmic bond that exists between the two of you. 

But if it's karma, won't it happen no matter what I do?

  • Not necessarily.  Karma isn't fate.  Karma is the result of past actions in this life and in previous lives.  You create your karma, and you continually change it through your speech, thoughts and actions.  However, your karma is also intertwined with the karma of every other sentient being. This means that although you cannot change the past, the future contains limitless possibilities. One of those possibilities is the possibility that your dog will reincarnate and come back to you.

What is a karmic bond? 

  • A karmic bond is a spiritual connection between two sentient beings that transcends death.  It can be positive, or negative.  When dogs return to their former owners, it is because the karmic bond was strong and positive.

How do I know if my dog and I had that kind of strong karmic bond?

  • The same way you know whether or not you're in love. Just the fact that you're reading these words suggests that the karmic bond between you and your dog was indeed strong -- that the universe wants you to be here. That's a good beginning. 

My dog died ten years ago.  Can he still come back to me?

  • It may be that you have not been ready for your dog to reincarnate. Perhaps your life has been filled with other things, so that there wouldn't have really been a place for your dog in it, until now. Perhaps there were other things your dog needed to do, in other lives. The important thing is that you're here, right now.  You're in a place where you want your dog to reincarnate.  This is exactly where you need to be.

Do I have to be a Buddhist to believe in reincarnation?

  • Belief in reincarnation is part of both Buddhism and Hinduism, but you don't have to be a Buddhist -- or a Hindi -- to believe in it.  Many people who are not Buddhists, including the late Henry Ford, believe in reincarnation.

You say your dog reincarnated.  Can you prove it?

  • Not in the conventional, scientific sense.  Knowledge is one thing, and belief is another. Stephen Gould called them "separate magisteria".  Proof belongs to the realm of science. But belief is a different realm, with different rules.  You cannot prove, or disprove, a belief.  Yet beliefs are still important.  We live by our beliefs.

Can I really help my dog to reincarnate?
  • Absolutely. Everything you think, do and say sends vibrations into the universe. This is the energy that makes things happen. We cannot change the past. But the future is a field of endless possibility, which means that anything can happen in the future. Anything is possible.
My dog was sick and in terrible pain.  Our vet said he'd never get better, and recommended euthanasia. Doesn't he blame me for killing him?
  • You did what you did out of love.  You spared your loyal, loving companion needless and pointless pain.  He knows that, and he's grateful that you loved him so much that you had the courage to let him go.  Of course he doesn't blame you. In fact, there are many people who argue that we should be as merciful to our fellow human beings as we are to our beloved animals.